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Space Cow On Camera Teleprompter Set Up


   In this classic teleprompter set-up, the text will scroll in front of the lense. When talent is reading it will look as though they are speaking directly into camera.

Space Cow Wireless Steadycam Teleprompter Set Up


   This compact, lightweight teleprompter system is designed specifically for steadycam applications.  By transmitting the video feed wirelessly and running everything on battery power, all cabling is eliminated.  This frees up the steadycam operator to do their best.

Space Cow Interrotron Teleprompter Set Up


   Interrotron is a great tool for soliciting natural interviews or performances from people while having them look into camera.  Maybe the simplest way to think of this is as a sophisticated Face Time or Skype chat. The subject (pictured left) and director (pictured right) each look at a

live video feed of the other on a teleprompter which is in front of the camera filming them.  When everything is lined up right both people will be simultainiously looking eachother in the eye and looking directly into the camera.

                          (Click here for more explanation) 

Space Cow Presidential Teleprompter Set Up




   With a Presidential teleprompter set-up the presenter reads from two panels of beam-splitting glass mounted at eye-level.  While these glass panels appear transparent to the audience, they are reflecting text from video monitors placed on the floor below. Usually both

monitors disply the same text. There are two so that the speaker can play to more of the crowd.

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