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All teleprompter arrangements are available, including:

Space Cow NYC teleprompter on camera


   In this classic teleprompter set-up, the text will scroll in front of the lense. When talent is reading it will look as though they are speaking directly into camera.

Space Cow NYC wireless teleprompter on steadicam


This compact, lightweight teleprompter system is designed specifically for steadycam applications.  By transmitting the video feed wirelessly and running everything on battery power, all cabling is eliminated.  This frees up the steadycam operator to do their best.

Space Cow NYC Presidential teleprompter



A Presidential teleprompter setup involves the presenter reading from two see-through glass panels at eye level. These panels reflect text from video monitors positioned on the floor below. Typically, both monitors display the same text, allowing the speaker to pivot between them and address a larger portion of the audience.



We use our expertise in sound and teleprompter to make interrotron setups seamless and flexible. 

An Interrotron is like a sophisticated video call. The person being interviewed and the director see each other on a teleprompter screen in front of a camera, simulating eye contact with each other while unknowingly looking directly at the camera's lens.  

We can also feed a Zoom call to the screen in front of the talent's camera so the director can conduct an interview from off site.  Even if the subject needs to look off-camera there can be advantages to having the director broadcast to set from a more distant location.  We look forward to discussing how these techniques might be usueful to your next project.  For a more extensive explainer on interrotron click here.

Space Cow NYC Interrotron sound and teleprompter set up
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