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Clear-Com FreeSpeakII compact mobile 'Comms Cart'. 


Facilitate, quiet, efficient communication on set.  No more harsh, distracting yelling or lost directives due to people stepping on one another over walkie.   The Clear-Com FreeSpeakII base station is an industry-standard device that enables versatile and high-quality wireless intercom communication. 

This robust system ensures seamless two-way communication across four channels, including program audio. Additionally, the FreeSpeak can seamlessly integrate with a walkie-talkie system and the Clear-Com Agent app or Unity platform, allowing clients or producers to join conversations from anywhere in the world.

Our comms cart is designed to simplify the process of bringing this cutting-edge intercom system to smaller and more agile video productions. Housed in a mobile cart, as depicted in the pictures above, this plug-and-play unit comes with 25 belt packs and requires just a flip of a switch to become operational.

Comms cart and operator on location.
Matt Israel and comms operator rolling the Space Cow mobile comms cart on location.  New Jersey.  Theater interior.
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