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What's in the Bag?

Today I'll run through what’s in my sound-mixing bag.

Not the specifics of the equipment as such (if you’re interested in that please head to our Gear List page) but the extras - the little things that can make the day easier and the sound better.

The basics are all in there – a Sharpie, ballpoint pen, scissors and tweaker.

I also have a small notebook. I take notes on some jobs about technical questions or observations. And it’s really handy if I need to remember to change a take name etc. when there’s time later in the day.

I always have a large section of Velcro – a piece of both the hard and soft sides. This is so I can attach the timecode box or a Comtek for a scratch track to the camera (if the Camera guys allow me to put them on their cameras!).

If they don’t want Velcro, I use Bongo Ties to secure such things to the camera.

For successfully securing lavalier microphones to talent I have several things in my bag.

I carry Moleskin in both peach and black colors depending on talent and their wardrobe.

I have medical tape (Transpore) to secure the wire to the talent.

Joe’s Sticky is also in there – I sometimes wrap the lav just below the microphone with it to keep it free from rubbing against clothing.

Top Stick tape can work in the same way. I also use it to secure my selection of homemade ‘foamies.’

The ‘foamies’ are handmade devices made out of make-up foam to secure mics.

On top of this I have the Sanken accessories - the vampire clips, holder clips, windscreens and rubber mounts - available here.

For sanitary reasons I always have a small hand sanitizer and a small pack of tissues.

For fresh minty breath, there’s always gum.

And in case I’m exposed to the elements all day I also have a lip balm and sunscreen.


For those days inside on dark sets - a flashlight. I want a headlamp but haven’t got that far.

And finally a CF card reader to make sure I can dump my files and end the job on the spot!

And that's what is in my mixing bag!



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