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Gear and Bag Tags

Here at Space Cow we think it’s paramount that all our sound and teleprompter equipment is clearly identifiable and well labeled - for all the obvious reasons.

Last year, Space Cow CEO and Founder Matt Israel came up with an ingenious way to tag all of our cases and bags – with dog tags!

After a bit of online research we found a site that does bulk dog tags custom printed with our contact details and fitted with a colorful “silencer.” The silencer is the orange piece of rubber (below) that goes around the edges of each tag.

The only problem with the tags is that they came with that flimsy ball chain synonymous with dog tags. They wouldn’t do. So we also invested in a bulk pack of strong luggage wire loops.

Now all our gear has a fancy dog tag attached to it. The bright orange silencer also makes it easy to identify across a set floor.

I would definitely recommend.



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