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Cleaning and maintaining cables

We have a ton of cables at Space Cow HQ.

One of my weekly tasks is to keep them as clean as possible.

I have developed a few ways to do this effectively.

If I am short on time and the cables need a quick clean, I give them a once-over with Simple Green. Wipe on with one rag, wipe off with another.

If I have time to go a step further, after applying the

Simple Green, I then apply Aerospace 303. Again, it is a wipe on with one rag and wipe off with another.

This product gives it an extra clean but also, more importantly, applies a protectant and shine that other products cant. You can find this product here.

Furthermore, if time permits (If I have a day with the

cables), I will spend time identifying nicks and dents in the

cables. If left a while, these can turn into a bigger issue.

I clean them up with both the Simple Green and the Aerospace 303.

Following this, I apply Rescue Tape. There is a bit of an art to applying this. The tape stretches to over double its length when pulled. Full instructions come with the tape, but essentially you pull and wrap the tape over the damaged part of the cable by overlapping each wrap about 50%.

This tape works immediately, and the tighter each wrap is pulled and applied, the better it sticks and the longer it lasts.

You can find Simple Green here, the Aerospace 303 here and the Rescue Tape here.



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